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Life Pro CPR

First Aid and CPR in Tulsa, OKC and NW Arkansas

Meet the Team

Misty Codrey


Misty’s background includes 20 years of training and strategic planning in the area of youth development and best practice philosophy. She has worked with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, the National Resource Center for Youth Services, and is currently managing a caseload with the Tulsa County Juvenile Bureau Probation Department.  Misty’s strength comes through her ability to keep the training environment up beat and fun;  leading to a positive experience to those in her classes.

Certifications: EMS Safety, American Safety and Health Institue

Jordan Ellard


By serving the past 8 years as a Medic/EMT with the United States Army National Guard, Jordan brings real life experience to the classroom. Our students always receive a thorough training from Jordan in a fun and professional environment!

Certifications: EMS Safety, American Heart Association and American Red Cross.

Kevin McKinney


Kevin is the founder of Life Pro Safety Services LLC. He has over 12 years of experience as an instructor and in emergency medicine including experience as a former Firefighter, EMT and member of the C.E.R.T.

Certifications: EMS Safety, American Heart Association, American Red Cross, American Safety and Health Institute, Emergency Care and Safety Institute

CPR Training in Tulsa

Life Pro CPR AED First Aid Training Broken Arrow, OK Tulsa, Rogers, Fayetteville, OKC,

Professional Training

Life Pro Safety Services provides CPR and First Aid training in the NE Oklahoma and NW Arkansas areas. We are certified to teach American Heart Association, EMS Safety Services and American Safety and Health Institute training courses.    Be sure and check out our class calendar for a list of upcoming CPR and First Aid training classes in the Tulsa metro area.  

Our onsite training option is great if you have a group that needs trained. We provide all equipment and supplies at no additional charge. If you don’t have a facility for a class but have a group or family that needs trained, we can also schedule a custom class for a group of 5 or more at our classroom/office in Broken Arrow.            

What is Cardiac Arrest?

 Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone anywhere. Thanks to the quick actions to people like you, many people are saved every year by citizens that can provide high quality CPR and First Aid care until professional rescuers arrive at the scene.     When the heart stops beating, blood no longer reaches the brain and other vital organs. When the brain is no longer getting oxygen, it begins to die. After about 4 to 6 minutes, there is permanent, irreversible brain damage. This is where bystander CPR can help. When early CPR is combined with use of an AED, the victims chance of survival could double or even triple. The victim’s chance of survival decreases 7 to 10 percent with each minute that passes without a chock from an AED.